Anima Gadi is a student of Kalamati School, studying in 8th class has two brothers and sisters including herself. Her father is a farmer and mother mostly a house-wife but she often visits to the nearby market to sale vegetables after finishing her chores. The standard of living is very poor, as many a times they are unable to arrange two times meal a day for themselves.

When the MelJol programme was initiated in the schools, the children of Kalimati schools were informed about the programme, its activities & different components which included Aflateen Club, Aflateen Bank and Aflateen Entrepreneurship Lab, etc. and the programme also involved establishment of Aflateen Club and Bank in the schools with help of the school children as well as the teachers.

Anima Gadi played a great role in leading the 1st meeting of the Aflateen club in the Kalimati School, hence, she was selected as the president of the Aflateen Club.  In the meeting it was decided that children will involve in the money and resources saving process of the school and soon after that children started saving money. In the 2nd meeting the children who were member of the club decided to conduct a programme on budget to establish an entrepreneurship lab in the school. All the children took interest in the programme and Anima Gadi took the decision of making a lamp to be placed in the school lab. She was whole-heartedly appreciated by the teachers for making the lamp and this initiative inspired all the other children. The making cost of the lamp was 40 rupees and the teachers helped her to sell the lamp at 50-60% profit margin.

The results helped in boosting up Anima’s spirit and provided her with more confidence, as a result, she got a lot of decorative items aiming to build something beautiful out of them so that she can sell them in the market and earn some more money for the family. She revealed that her aim of life is to become a policeman but she won’t mind if till then her handicrafts help to support her family so that her younger brothers and sisters can get a better future.

Anima Gadi’s determination and effort have provided a new hope to her family for a future devoted entrepreneur. She acted as an inspiration for her school-mates and other children in the community to dream big and put in effort to establish themselves.


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