In India open defecation, public urination and littering public places have always been a major problem. Government as well as Non Government Institutions for decades were struggling in executing different programs on awareness generation to address this issue but were not very effective in changing the attitude of common people. The present Prime Minister launched a campaign by the name of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in the year 2014 to make the country open defecation free. Under this campaign huge initiative was taken to clean the litters rampant in public places and also bring a change in the thought process of common people. Therefore, the civil society organizations who were working on water, hygiene and sanitation got a boost from the Government in implementation of the different projects on different components of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene). LEADS from time to time have been working on WASH components in the intervention areas by collaboraing with different partners and sometimes individually.

WASH in Schools

LEADS is working on promotion of WASH in almost all the schools (i.e. about 66 schools) and anganwadi centres (almost 113 centres) in Dulmi Block of Ramgarh District. The project involves capacity building of Bal Sansads, PRI members, SMC members, Community, teachers, and other stakeholders on WASH in schools. It also involves installation of hand washing platforms in schools and anganwadis, sharing information for awareness generation through wall writing and flex, audio devices to share informations and inputs and providing minor maintainance of school toilets and water facilities.

Bal Sashaktikaran Abhiyan

Ensuring Nutritional and Educational Rights of Children (0-14 Years) in Bandgaon Block of West Singhbhum District: Through India Literacy Project, LEADS is working in 40 villages of Bandgaon Block of West Singhbhum District. The block is tribal dominated and having a number of issues, like Health, Education, WASH, Livelihood or Deliverance of Yojnas at ground level. The LEADS team is working to promote sanitation and cleanliness issues in both schools and anganwadi centres. Promotion of hand washing, self cleanliness, clean surroundings, use of toilets, use of dustbins, etc. is being regularly done. During the implementation period the project has supported the Anganwadi Centers and Schools by providing Medicine kits, play materials, water filters, reading and writing materials, dari (a kind of sitting mat), hand washing materials and other utility items.

Status of 2015-16:

Name of the Project Donor Intervention Area Number of Beneficiaries Covered Theme of the Project Achievement
WinS UNICEF Dulmi Block of Ramgarh District 9640 Children in 66 Schools and 3500 Children in 113 Anganwadi Centres Water, Heath and Sanitation The approach of the children and the community has changed a lot in the villages regarding sanitation practices.The Bal Sansad has becomed empowereed enough to influence healthy practices and school and also trying their best to initiate it in their community.
The community is taking initiatives themselves to aware others about healthy practices.
The rate of open defeacation has dropped noticeably.
Soon the areas in which LEADS is intervening will be declared ODF.
Bal Sashaktikaran Abhiyan India Literacy Project Bandgaon Block of West Singhbhum District 32 schools & 38 Anganwadi Centres Education, Nutrition, Water, Heath and Sanitation The awareness regarding healthy practices among children and community has increased.
Services in schools are getting regular.
Attendance in AWCs and schools has increased.
The extensive works done through the project has provided recognition and the Govt. departments are providing ample support.