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3 Lakh children sensitized

Promotion of Model Hand Washing Units and its Replication

WASH in school (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene promotion in Schools), is a part of LEADS contribution to support ‘Swachh Vidyalaya: Swasth Bachche programme’.   We have been working with more than 27000 children from 400 government schools and 400 Anganwadi Centre across its intervention areas in tribal dominated districts of Jharkhand.

Apart from being involved in improving their quality of education, LEADS has been also promoting school students on health and hygiene with the support from UNICEF. We take initiative to strengthen Bal Sansad, students, SMC members, Mata Samiti for ensuring over all ownership and involvement of stakeholders in ‘Swachh Vidyalay : Swasth Bachhe’ initiative. We look forward to ensure that all schools in Jharkhand have access to separate functional toilets for boys and girls.

LEADS works towards enhancing awareness and understanding about the importance of hand-washing with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives. The initiative also has its emphasis on promoting safe and appropriate hygiene practices and behavior among school going children. LEADS promoted hand wash practices among school students through constructing Hand Wash Unit in 667 schools and 338 Anganwadi Centres. During the process of sensitization with support of our team we motivate and train Bal Sansad  and SMC members to keep their respective area neat and clean and also free from open defecation (ODF). For this purpose, our team members decided to form a “Banar Sena”. It was a group of Bal Sansad members make it possible to get up early in the morning and stop anyone who is defecating in open, with whistle blowing process.

Every year the Global Hand washing Day (GHD) is celebrated on 15 October. On this day, all schools and Anganwadi centers observe drives for sanitation and hygeine including hand washing demonstrations. To much of our delight, a record of 1.96 Lakh children doing hand-washing together at a time was included in Limca book of World Records.

Promoting 39 Swachhata Indicators in more than 2000 school

LEADS has been working with schools to emphasize on promoting safe and appropriate hygiene practices and behavior change among school going children of Ramgarh & Lohardaga districts. As per the guidelines of Education Department, 39 indicators have been decided for giving grade to schools to get Swachha Vidyalaye Puraskar. These indicators cover all aspects including safe drinking water, proper sanitation, menstrual hygiene, cleanliness of premises. LEADS works towards capacity building of SMC members, Bal Sansad, Teachers and PRIs which in turn is helping in sensitizing more than 1000 schools across 2 districts on these indicators set for star category. This intervention has resulted in bringing 400 schools to 3 to 4 star categories in the two districts in which LEADS have intervention. 6 schools from our field in Ramgarh, Ranchi and Lohardaga districts have been nominated for National Award in 2019.

Menstrual Hygiene Management

Talking about menstruation is a taboo in your society and this contribute to the ignorance and illiteracy of menstrual hygiene management. Using old clothes and other traditional unsafe method to deal with menstruation hampers mobility and day to day activity of a woman and girl, the result is that they have to miss out on work, schools as well as other daily commitments. A large number of girls drop out of school every year at menarche in India. It is a shameful situation in which due to lack of affordable sanitary pad, menstrual awareness and lack of facilities to change sanitary towels makes it impossible for woman to go out without the fear of staining embarrassment.

LEADS conducted campaign of ‘Chuppi Toro Campaign’ with adolescent girls, Sevika, Sahiya and PRIs to generate awareness to follow hygiene practices on regular basis.

With technical support of UNICEF, LEADS has taken initiatives such as:

  • Building capacities of community on MHM
  • Support flagship programmes
  • Develop educational materials aimed at improving awareness
  • Initiating and facilitating district level action plans on MHM with government
  • Monitor and maintain regular attendance of adolescent girls during menstruation period
  • Clear the myth and misconceptions pertaining to adolescent health and hygiene in the society

Our team works in all KGBVs of 12 blocks of Ramgarh and Lohardaga district along with other schools. More than 8000 girls in total and 1000 girls of KGVBs were directly oriented on MHM.  In every intervention schools peer groups of girls have been formed. These peer groups creates awareness among adolescent girls regarding personal hygiene during menstruation, pad distribution and proper use of incinerator. Pad bank has also been created in intervention schools. Further LEADS took initiative to construct incinerator in 780 schools with support of PRIs by utilizing 14th Finance Fund allotted to them.

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