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Gender Equity Movement is being carried out in more than 40 schools in Khunti, Karra, Murhu and Torpa Blocks of Khunti District in Jharkhand

LEADS is committed to ensure the quality of Education in the schools of Jharkhand as per the Right to Education Act, 2009

An effort to ensure ‘Good Governance’ system in Torpa Block of Khunti District, Jharkhand

Birsa Munda Aam Bagwani Mahuwadanr

Birsa Munda Aam Bagwani- Khunti

Lac Cultivation

A film on Drip Irrigation technique as a cost effective alternative for farming

Soch hai to Shouchalya hai

LEADS 14th Foundation Day Celebrated at LEADS Resource Centre Perka on 14th December 2019.

Economic Empowerment of Ultra Poor Woman

Promoting Girl Child Education

Organic Farming to Reduce Mal-nutrition

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