Name of Producer Group Jojo Umbul Producer Group, Vill: Bajigama, Pan:Hassa, Block: Murhu, Distt.: Khunti, Jharkhand

There are all together 130 families in the village. There are 340 big Tamarind trees and 260 medium trees around the village.

LEADS has been working in this village for last four years supported by JSLPS -MKSP project.

MKSP team comes and shared about the Tamarind value chain programme in Gram Sabha. JSLPS provided 6 de-seeder machines and 2 Brick making to group. Two trainers had come from Andhra Pradesh and provided 4 days training to SHG members on storing, grading, sorting, de-seeding in the machine, brick making, packaging, marketing and about business plan.

Producer group has done 70MT raw Tamarind business in 2018. They have processed 20MT pulp and Bricks and rest 50MT Raw Tamarind was sold in high price after 4 to 5 months. They have earned around 3637800Rs. where total expenses was around 2420430Rs. The net profit was total 1217370Rs. in whole season. There are total 35 members involved into this business who have shared profit among themselves 2500 Rs. each for their two to three months involvement.  The rest amount was deposited in Bank for next year.

Apart from these, the two representatives of PG members namely Roseline Purti and Emlen Aind have gone to New Delhi on month of April 2017 during NRLM Mela and sold 500kg of Tamarind Cake @150 per/kg and earned about 75000 Rs. from provided stall. Month of December 2017 Ms. Suman Tiru has gone to Delhi to present livelihood activity in stall where Tamarind and other components were merged. They have sold 200kg of Tamarind Cake @100 on International Women’s day dated 8th March 2017 held at Nehru Stadium, Ranchi, Jharkhand and earned about 20000 Rs. The honorable Chief minister Raghuwar Das, minister of welfare department Mr. Nilkand Singh Munda, honorable minister Mrs. Luis Marandi along with others have visited their stall and due to this producer group got some way for marketing in Ranchi itself.

The Chief secretary of MoRD Delhi Mr. Amarjit Sinha, MoRD Jharkhand Mr. K.K Sinha, MGNREGA commissioner Mr. S. Tripathi, DC of Khunti Mr. Manish Ranjan, and DDC of Khunti Mr. Mritunjay Barnawal, BDO of Murhu block Mrs. Sushma Lakra and other delegates have visited on 17th April 2017 to Tamarind Unit at Bajigama, Murhu, Khunti.


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