COVID 19 LEADS Case Story

Name of the Interviewee: Ursela Bhengra
Age: 56
Interviewed by: Narendra Mishra

Gender: Female
Religion: Sarna
Caste: Scheduled Tribe

Address of the Interviewee: Dist.- Khunti Block- Torpa GP- Jaria Village- Sonpurgarh Ambatoli

A brief description about the Interviewee, her/his family, place of stay, means of income and economic activity.   Ursela is a widow and lives with her daughter Herambi Bhengra in a small house. Ursela is illiterate and earns her living by selling plates made of Sal leaves in the Dorma market which is 12 Kms away from her village Sonpurgarh Ambatoli.  In addition, she also picks leafy vegetables and sells hem in the nearby Tirla market. The income she gets from these activities is too little to support her living.

Describe the COVID-19 crisis and how it impacted your (Interviewee) life, your family and your community.

Give details of the impact of the crisis on the village/relief camp. Include data related to the crisis with respect to your district, block & village. The lockdown due to Corona crisis has made her life very difficult as the markets are closed. Whatever small income she was getting from local haat/bazaars has stopped. People like her who were dependent on the income from selling minor forest produce are facing difficult times as they do not have other means of income. If the lockdown continues, people with petty income could face starvation.

How has LEADS supported you in coping with the situation & overcoming the negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis Till now she has not received any support from any organization including the government. The ration provided by LEADS has come at the time when she needed it the most. The quantity of ration is enough to support her family for more than one month.

How did you use the relief material and what were its short term or/and long term impact? Provide 3-4 examples [In the words of the Interviewee] 1. I am using the ration to feed myself and my daughter. I am very much relieved now and waiting to get over this lockdown period. 2. Everyone in the village gets ration but no one is giving us any. I am grateful to you for this help. (blessings)

Any other significant quote / information


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