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Unemployment is one of the biggest barriers in the path of development of a state and country as a whole. LEADS is committed to support the unpriviledged youths to prepare them with adequate skills so that they can retain themselves in this rapidly growing professional world. In this intiative LEADS has been holding hand with various partners to provide youth with a new hope of employment or entreprenuership which can be important factor in developing the standard of living of many households.

Providing Grassroots Advancement to Youth Aspiring Growth (PRAYAG)

The Prayag project aimed at upgrading the potential of the youth to make them eligible for employment and link them with various job oppertunities. LEADS made a joint venture with the CSR Initiative of Reliance Communications Ltd. to empower the financially underprivileged youths in and around Ranchi district.

A total of 560 youths were trained in 14 batches each of which consisted of 40 students on Retail Service Management along with soft skills, such as, communication in English language, fundamentals of computer, personality development and time management which will be relevant to prepare them as per the demand of proffesional field and linking them with available career opportunities.

DAY-NULM Skill Development Program

DAY-NULM Skill Development Program is an ambicious program of the Hon’ble Prime Minister which aims to produce a huge number of skilled labour-force in the state. Under skill development schemes government imparts skill training to citizen by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled wage employment opportunities to reduce poverty and vulnerability of the urban poor households, resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods on a sustainable basis, through building strong grassroot level institutions of the poor. In this initiative of Government, LEADS is helping Government as an implementing agency to capacitate people with skills so that they can grow to support themselves and their household.

LEADS is providing skill development training to 400 students in both Khunti and Ranchi district in five trades, i.e. Beauty Culture and Hair Dressing, Retail Departmental Manager, Electrical, Electronics and Fabrication. The duration of the trades are for approximately 6 months. In addition trainings are provided on basic soft skills improvement such as English language and fundamentals of computer. Along with that classes are also conducted on group discussion, personality development and time management to completely prepare the individuals for professional world.

Status of 2015-16:

Name of the Project Donor Intervention Area Number of Beneficiaries Covered Theme of the Project
Prayag Reliance Communications Ltd. Urban Slum of Ranchi 560 Youths (380 youths were employed) Youth Employability
NULM Government of Jharkhnad Ranchi and Khunti District 400 Youths (200 in Ranchi and 200 in Khunti Imparting skilled training to youths by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled wage employment opportunities

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