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Sanitary Pad Stitching Unit

Personal hygiene has been focal point of the UNDP intervention. In rural societies myriad prejudices and misconception prevails around menstruation. Women use clothes in unhygienic ways which has been the cause of many diseases. The commercial sanitary pads are beyond their purchasing capacity.   Along with spreading awareness, accessibility to sanitary napkins has been the intervention mechanism of LEADS. With the assistance of trained women, LEADS has been producing reusable sanitary napkins to spread hygienic behaviour among the rural masses.

The enterprise has the following benefits

  • They production employs solar powered machines and hence carbon footprint is minimum
  • They are low cost
  • They are usable and are made of durable clothing and hence last for 8-10 months.
  • They provide employment opportunity for the women of nearby villages
  • Being produced in the vicinity, the accessibility and trustworthiness is high, also it acts as a source of promotion.


Sanitary napkins produced by LEADS costs Rs 120 for a pack of 6, which are reusable. They are made of high quality cotton material along with absorbent material. They last easily for for 8-10 months.  The raw material for 1 pad costs Rs, 10 and the labour wage per pad is paid at Rs. 5. Flexible working hours are provided to these women stitching the pads. Till noe 10,000 sanitary pads has been made and distributed.

Way Forward

LEADS aims to bring the adolescent girls of middle and high schools under its hygiene drive in collaboration with the government.

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