Jhano Oraon of village Serak in Chandwa Block of Latehar has earned Rs. 40000/- from selling of Ducks. This has also spread awareness among many people who all are now getting inspired after looking at her. As they feel that ducks cleans the dirt from the area and cures many other diseases and the tribal also used to eat the meat and also thinks that it helps the children from preventing malnutrition.

One of the women has started and now she is the role model for the others in the village. Jhano Oraon makes this profession for her livelihood and whatever she earns from duck she used in education of their children, clothes and in household activities.

Now villagers after seeing to Jhano Oraon want to take poultry farming as a profession because earlier Jhano Oraon is a Labor in MGNREGA and faces many difficulties for the livelihood now she fulfills all the basic necessity by her new professions. Now some of the SHGs are also trying to do this type of small entrepreneur which earlier they were neglecting. As this entrepreneur is supported and introduced by LEADS , the community really thanks all the member of LEADS for enhancing their income.


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