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The plantation programme is a regular programme of LEADS. LEADS have till date distributed about more than 45 thousand trees to SCs, STs, SHGs, Gram Sabha and Farmers Club members in Khunti, Bandgoan, Latehar and Ramgarh districts. The concept of kitchen garden is also being promoted in intervention area schools and community. The schools and the communities were provided with fruit bearing trees like, mango, jackfruit, neem, karanj, lichhi, banana, papaya and many more varieties to plant in their garden. The school children were motivated to plant trees to develop a sense about the importance of trees from early childhood days.

The steps involved in executing the program are first, the Gram Sabhas, Self Help Groups and Kisan Clubs are informed about the date and place of distribution in various locations. Secondly, the LEADS field facilitator shared information about the benefits of plantation, then about the process of planting and about regular upkeeping and maintenance of the plants. Then lastly, the required number of plants is taken to the distribution locations and is handed over to community and Gram Pradhan along with that necessary medicine and manures are also provided. Then these plants are planted in pre-selected locations where they can benefit the community.

LEADS try to mobilize whole village staring from Gram Sabha members, SHGs members, school children, Kisan Club members to youths through awareness programmes about plantation, promotion and preservation of plants as a step towards saving the Earth. LEADS believe that the plantation programme will help the community towards nutrition and afforestation. As many rural areas in Jharkhand are still poverty stricken and malnutrition is one of the major issues mainly among the children and women. So, these trees will help them to address the nutritional issue along with that provide them with a source of livelihood from the forest products.

Status of 2015-16:

Name of the Project Donor Intervention Area Number of Beneficiaries Covered Theme of the Project Achievement
Plantation Mahindra & Mahindra Latehar, West Singhbhum, and Khunti District More than 15,000 people More than 45 thousand trees were planted in 4 District of Jharkhand. Increased enrollemnt of children in schools.Bal Sansad (Children Cabinet) was formed.SMCs were strenghted.Strenghtened Cluster Level Association.SHG groups were strenghtened and linked with SGSY yojna.

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