Pig Farming

Pig rearing is a profitable business. Every 6 months pig gives birth. If proper food arrangements are done pigs cab weigh 50-60kgs. Compared to other animals, pigs can eat rotten fruits and vegetables, leftovers of the house and hence food for pigs constitutes minimum expenditure.

Making pigsty

The pigsty is constructed using traditional methods and special attention s given on cleanliness to ensure health of pigs. Pucca house as pastry is the best. For the newly born pigs there shall be separate provision for their upkeep. The size of the room shall be 10 feet by 8 feet along with provision for empty space for their easy movement.

There shall be provision for separate space for the pregnant pig so that it doesn’t injure itself which engaging with other pigs. Roo shall be large enough for the upkeep of 3-4 pregnant pigs. For a pregnant pig a space of 10-12 square meters is required.

Pig’s Food

Proper nutrition of pigs needs to be ensured for commercial production and benefits. For rearing pigs 75% of the total expenses shall be made for its nutrition. To ensure proper growth at different stages of growth different diets shall be ensured. Vita Bland and Rovimix in quantity of 20gm for the younger one and 10gram for the mature pigs is given while mixing in 100 gm of food along with antibiotic mixture.

Disease prevention

Pigs generally suffer from Anthrax, Swine flu, and dysentery. Humans too get infected with these diseases. To ensure prevention from diseases regular vaccination has to be done. Generally young pigs suffer from round worms. Hence, they need to be treated with medicines at the veterinary hospitals.

Pig Rearing- Guidelines

  1. Pigs should be annually immunised for Swine Flu.
  2. Pigsty should be neat and clean.
  3. Pigs shall be monitored at least once in 24 hours to detect any disease.
  4. Provisions for medicines for pregnant swine shall pe present.
  5. 4-5 days before childbirth the pregnant pig shall be thoroughly cleaned.
  6. Within 6-8 weeks after birth, the male swine shall be vasectomised.
  7. Sometimes piglets get crushed by their parents and hence the farmers shall keep a watch over it.
  8. A boar of 1-year age, can impregnate 30-40 sow.
  9. A pig becomes sow after 10-12 months.
Production Material400
Production 5X50 Kg x 200/-50000
Total Earning34400

By adopting this model 800 families are earning 10,000 to 30,000 annually.


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