» Old Age Pension : An Entitlement

In Bari village DhaudaOraon and SibunOraon has been living. They are 60 years old. Bari village is intervention village of REER project. In this village LEADS team conducting Gram Sabha, SMC,  and SHGs meeting. In this village on dated 22.01.2018 we had a meeting with pensioners and found that DhaudaOroan and SibunOraon who earlier get their pension in post office account and from last two years they are not getting. When we asked them why your pension stopped they told that they don’t know and also given written application to Gram Panchayat and

Block but nothing happened and asked helped with LEADS team. Again LEADS team attended meeting on dated 29.01.2018 and wrote application for them and submitted to block and also copied the same to district. After regular followup the both the pensioners now availing the pensions. LEADS team also helping other who is having same problems and 29 application written and submitted in Block.

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