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LEADS have 300 paid staffs (Part time and Full Time) and consultants and more than 400 volunteers to facilitate the programmes at different levels like State, District, Block and Field. Out of the these paid staffs, almost 80 have different professional backgrounds or higher education. LEADS also has external dignified resource pool, from different sectors like Media, University, Professional Institutions, CSOs, Individual Activists etc. LEADS TEAM has various expertise on Education, Child Rights, Livelihood programme, Budget Tracking in context of Jharkhand, Panchayati Raj Institutions and Gram Sabha, Women Rights / Women Emancipation, Agriculture / Horticulture, Health, CBOs like SHG, Bal Sansad, School Management Committee (SMC), Farmers Clubs, etc. The organization can also facilitate National and International events on different issues.

44% Male
56% Female



Managing Trustee cum Executive Director

Mr. A K Singh is Founder Managing Trustee and Director of LEADS. He has done his Post Graduation in Rural Development from XISS and won the Best Award from XISS in 1995 for social work. He has expertise on various issues and themes like RTE Act 2009, Participatory Strategic Planning, Organisation Development, Budget Analysis, SDGs, Right to Information, Policy Advocacy, Govt Schemes and Entitlements, Constitutional Rights, Child Rights, Livelihood Planning etc. He had various national and international exposure and facilitated events at state, national and international level and is a known resource person on mentioned themes.

At present A K Singh is convener of Jharkhand Right to Education Forum, Jharkhand State Budget Group, Jharkhand Voluntary Action Network and Jharkhand SDGs Watch. He is also steering group member of National Right to Education Forum, Peoples Budget Initiative, WNTA, SDGs Alliance and Member of GCAP Asia. He won the International Education Excellence Award 2017 for his best contribution to Govt Schools in Jharkhand. He is a person of dreaming and gradually making it happen in the larger interest of the people.   


Sr. Manager, HR; Manager of Advocacy & Research

With an experience of 19 years in this sector, Ms.Nirjharini Rath holds the position of Programme Manager in LEADS. She is looking after the HR & Lobby &Advocacy at the State level in LEADS since 2012. She had completed her LLB and Masters in Human Resource from Pondicherry University.

Her core competency is in understanding, analyzing, and coordinating research that helps LEADS and its constituents to advance in the field and develop/support an advocacy agenda. Ms.Rath centrally coordinates round table discussion and maintains relationships with Government officials and other key stakeholders in the State, including in-person meetings, updating database information, appointment scheduling, written correspondence and funding.


Sr. Program Manager, Program

Mr. Mahendra Kumar has been working in LEADS since its inception and working in development sector more than 23 years. He had completed his Post graduation in rural Development from Xavier Institute of Social Service, Ranchi in 1995. Mr. Kumar has extensive experience on issues related implementation of RTE Act , Natural Resource Management, rural livelihood especially on organic farming, Clean Energy, Digital Documentation etc. His expertise is in ensuring success implementation of programs, meeting timelines and monitoring the budget requirements for the implementation of program.



Bhawanand Jha

Finance Manager

Bhawanand Jha has been working in LEADS since 2013 as Finance Manager. He has completed his Masters in Commerce and also pursued his LLB from Ranchi University. Mr. Jha has more than 17 years of working experience in the sector as a finance person. Currently he looks after the section of Funds Management, Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Audit and shares it to board of trustees and the project implementing team at regular intervals.

Rakesh Kr. Choudhary

Finance Officer

Rakesh Kumar Choudhary has been working in LEADS from 2009. He has more than 10 years of working experience in accounting & finance. He has completed his MBA from Sikkim Manipal University. Presently he looks after accounts related work like making payments and receipts as necessary for the business and its documentation in accounting software (Tally) in a timely manner, ensures the execution of outlined procedures in the Finance Policy. He is also managing bank accounts and ensures that necessary documents are maintained for any transactions that are accounted in the software.

Satish Kumar Mallik

Accountant cum Cashier

Satish Kumar Malik is an accounts Graduate with Technical Qualification of MS- Office and Internet Proficiency. He has a total 13 years of experience in accounting and has good knowledge of operating Tally ERP 9 Package with fluency in speed.


Ranjit Bhengra

NRM Expert

Ranjit Bhengra has been part of the LEADS family since last 6 years. He has completed his MARD from IGNOU and TTC from St. Colombus, Delhi. He has more than 9 years experience of working in the field of Education, Livelihood, SHGs and Sanitation. At present he is working as a NRM Specialist & Project Coordinator with LEADS. He is responsible for promoting sustainable livelihood sources for the SGHs through Micro Credit Livelihood Plan, Financial Linkages, Natural Farming and Live Stock Rearing, etc. and ‘MGNREGA-NRLM Convergence CFT Strategy’ programme.

Ashutosh Jaiswal

Project Coordinator and Education Expert

Ashutosh Jaiswal is working in LEADS since 2013. He had completed his Post Graduation from Utkal University, Odishsa. He has extensive coordination in the field of social development having experience of around 10 years. He has worked in the areas of ECCE, Health & Nutrition, RTE Act 2009, Research, Child Counselling and School Development Plan. At present he is working in LEADS as a Project Coordinator and is responsible for strengthening the SMC, formulation of SDP and capacity building training for SMC, Teachers etc. His area of intervention is in government schools of Murhu of Khunti & Bandgaon Block of West Singhbhum District.

Anand Kishor Tripathy

Health and Skill Expert

Anand Kishor Tripathy has more than 13 years of experience in development sector on different theme such as HIV AIDS, Women Empowerment, Gender Equity, Health & Nutrition, Early Childhood Care and Education, RTE Act 2009 etc.He has been associated with research based projects like Anaemia Eradication programme of UNAIDS in all districts of Jharkhand.  He is associated with LEADS since 2013 as an Education Expert and currently working on Clean Energy project

Ajay Kumar Sinha

Project Coordinator and MGNREGA Expert

Ajay Kumar Sinha has been working in LEADS since 2014. He has completed his Masters in Arts and Masters in Rural Development from IGNOU. He has more than 15 years of work experience in the field of Education, Livelihood, Women Empowerment, SHGs and Health. At present he is working as a Project Coordinator in Cluster Facilitation Team (CFT) and handling a human resource of more than 35 project staffs. Mr. Sinha is responsible in overall process under MGNREGA starting from selection of plan to its implementation covering three blocks of West Sighbhum, Latehar & Khunti.

Nisha Tripathy

Network and Advocacy Coordinator

Nisha Tripathy has been working in LEADS since last five years and has more than 10 years experience in this sector. She is a Master in Social Work and She has expertise in the area of women empowerment, Child right, financial inclusion and entrepreneurship development of SHG women and Gender equity. At present She is looking after Network Coordinator in LEADS

Santosh Kumar

Training cum Advocacy Coordinator

Santosh Kumar is a Post Graduate in Rural Development from Ranchi University. He has experience of over 7 years in Health, Education, Livelihood and Development projects; He is skilled in research, monitoring & evaluation and has managed several teams of professional staff, by providing exemplary management and leadership to realise objectives and goals. He has a good understanding of the working mechanism of Government Departments.

Kuldeep Mehta

Clean Energy Technical Expert

Kuldeep Mehta has a B.Tech degree  in Elecctrical & Electronics Engineering, from Centurion Institute of Technology &Management ,Bhubneshwar. He has experience of 5 years, as Electrical Maintenace Engineer where he looked for maintenance of domestic and Industrial  machines . He has also worked Under Jharkhand Rural Electrification for Dhanbad Region. He is working in LEADS as Technical Expert and looking for resolving technical issues related to the RACE Project .

Human Resource at LEADS

Life Education and Development Support

List of Staff
S.No.NameSexAgeEducational QualificationExperience
2Mahendra KumarM50PGDRD25
3Nirjharini RathF46MSW, LLB, HRM19
4Bhawanand JhaM43Graduate (A/c Hons)15
5Rakesh Kr. ChoudharyM28Graduate (A/c Hons)10
6Satish Kumar MallikM36Graduate (A/c Hons)10
7Anand Kishore TripathyM42Post Graduate in Economics12
8Ranjit BhengraM34MARD7
9Ahsutosh Kumar JaiswalM44PGDRD12
10Samish SharmaM34MBA11
11Ajay Kr. SinhaM41PGDRD11
14Krishna MahatoM34MA7
15Narendra MishraM40Intermediate6
16Mahendra SinghM31MA6
17Atul Leo BaraM30Post Graduate in MSW6
18Santosh KumarM27Graduate 9
19Nisha TripathyF39MSW12
20John Paul BaaM28MARD4
21Suraj KumarM26Diploma in Civil Engeerning2
22Sadhna KumariF26Degree in Multi Media4
23Grace TiruF25Intermediate6
24B. N. PrasadM58Civil Eng30
25Anjani Rani ToppoF25MARD2
26Ruplal MahtoM26MARD2
28Moti  MahtoM43Intermediate10
30Arun Kumar MahtoM28BA Hons4
31Ritesh Kumar SinghM23Graduation4
32Arjun Kumar MahtoM31MA4
33Ajay MundaM27Graduate4
34Shambhu Nath MishraM49MA in sociology15
36Chhotelal PrasadM38Graduation9
37Mantu PrasadM31PGDRD6
38Nayan KumarM33Graduation3
39Shrawan KumarM32Graduation3
40Anand Pratap SahuM38Intermediate5
41Umesh KumarM39Graduation3
43Ruby KumariF22Matric3
47Chambra HapadgaraM26Matric4
48Sunil HembromM33Matric4
51Gloriya MunduF33Intermediate3
52Kolay Sandi Purty39Matric2
53Varsha Hembrom F23Intermediate2
54Chambar Singh Bodra26 Graduation2
55Norin Oliva PannaF30MA3
56Afsana KhatunF38Intermediate4
57Shushila KujurF46BA Hons14
59Birendra NagesiyaM28Intermediate4
60Rubina TopnoF26Intermediate4
61Sirphi ChoranthF28Intermediate4
62Budheshwar OranM34MA3
63Gupteshwar YadavM26Intermediate3
64Theophin KujurM45Intermediate4
65Sushma TopoF26Intermediate3
67Rojlin PurtiF48Intermediate6
68Emlen AindF40Intermediate6
69Lalima DeviF23Graduation5
70Basant Kumar ManjhiM25Intermediate4
71Chunmun KumariF23Graduation3
72Puspa DeviF28Intermediate2
73Anant Kumar TantiM35BA Hons5
74Nandlal ManjhiM38BA Hons5
75Beena TopnoF29Intermediate5
76Kusum AindF27BA5
77Patras MunduM27Intermediate4
78Nandram BodraM29PG3
79Situng BodraM27Graduation4
80Anju DeviF45Intermediate6
81Rajo MahtoM28MA3
82Chintamani PradhanM31Graduation3
83Yasoda MahtoF29MA2
84Kiran GagraiF26Intermediate2
85Ajay Kumar RamM25Graduate2
86Babla KumarM30Graduate8
87Durgi HassaF28Intermediate2
88Jaswanti OdyaF27Intermediate1
89Shashi MundriM28Intermediate1
90Benyamin HamsayM26Intermediate2
91Sanjay Kumar SinghM35MARD6
92Jitbhan RamM28Graduate1
93Avinash NayakM26Graduate1
94Akash Kumar SinghM27Intermediate1
95Sandhya KujurF31Graduation4
96Philisita ToppoF28Intermediate4
97Silwanti KujurF27Matric4
98Silbiya DeviF30Matric3
99Premisudha TiggaF27Graduation4
100Jeevanti DeviF42Matric4
101Ansi DeviF35Intermediate3
102Reshmi Kiran MinjF27Graduation5
103Manorama TutiF32Intermediate3
104Anand PahanM38Graduation4
105Asrenti BarlaF29Matric3
106Hanna TiruF30Intermediate4
107Balamdina TopnoF32Intermediate4
108Sini PurtiF27Matric4
109Radhamani DeviF37Intermediate4
110Bibiyani BodraF27Intermediate4
111Binita PurtyF25Matric3
112Basanti HassaF26Intermediate4
113Basanti MundriF28Intermediate6
114Fulo DeviF35Matric2
115Bindi MundriF27Matric3
116Selestina BodraF26Intermediate4
117Champu Hassa PurtiF28Matric3
118Parwati BhoktaF30Matric4
119Bishwashi Lugun F35Intermediate4
120Subita MundarinF27Matric4
121Melani HapdgdaF28Graduation3
122Lalita surinF30Graduation3
123Sounri PurtiF27Intermediate3
124Sara PurtiF28Matric3
125Lilly PurtiF29Intermediate4
126Jyoti DeviF35Matric3
127Bahalen SoyF36Intermediate4
128Birsi PurtiF38Graduation6
129Marsaleyani PurtyF40Matric4
130Kirti  DeviF27Graduation3
131Sisiliya TiruF25Graduation4
132Archana TirkeyF26Matric4
133Vimla LakdaF30Graduation4
134Embrnsiya EkkaF29Graduation3
135Kalemesiya ToppoF30Graduation4
136Pratima DeviF30Matric4
137Shila NagesiaF31Graduation3
138Kamla KumariF28Graduation3
139Christina ToppoF30Matric4
140Krensasiya LakraF39Matric6
141Elijaved KhalkhoF27Graduation3
142Mamta DeviF30Matric4
143Rajkumari DeviF31Intermediate3
144Lovely Rose ToppoF26Matric3
145Sunaina TirkeyF32Graduation3
146Sumitra MinzF29Intermediate4
147Sunita DeviF40Graduation3
148Premi KujurF35Intermediate3
148Sudha KerkettaF26Matric3
150Rita NagesiyaF28Graduation3
151Poonam DeviF30Intermediate3
153Santu KumarM30Non-Matric8
154Ajita KumariF20Intermediate 1

Apart from the above list, more than 150 paid volunteers and over 2000 social leaders are deeply involved in various development activities across our intervention area.

List of Trainers

Sl No Topic In house/ External Resource Person Contact No & Email
1 Lobby and Advocacy, Organisational Development, Participatory Strategic Planning , Participatory Micro Planning , Participatory Rural Appraisal , Gender Sensitivity and women empowerment , MNREGA – 2005 ,RTI, SHG, PRI, Tribal Development,Child Rights, Social Audit,Right Based approach, Clean Energy Mahendra Kumar 06201813830, m361kumar@gmail.com
2 WASH in School , Health & Hygiene and MHM for adolescent Youth Anand Tripathy 07762851488, ranchi.anand@gmail.com
3 Budget Tracking (Expenditure) A K Singh 09431356092, leadsindiajh@gmail.com
4 Agriculture (SRI, Arnapurna, 5×5 Model, 36-36 Model) , Organic farming, Live stock Ranjit Kumar 07904911373, rbhengra84@gmail.com
5Education, RTE, Research, Child Counselling and School Development Plan. Ashutosh Jaiswal8877063909
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