Mask Stitching Unit

The already trained man force of 25 women and adolescent girls who were working in the stitching unit took up the mantle of mask production on a mass scale. As during the initial phases of Covid-19 masks for common person had become short in supply, and spread of pandemic could only be controlled through mask usage, this centre made significant contribution.

Production System

The production centre employs 25 women from the nearby villages, who themselves operate this centre. This is a master trainer cum enterprise manager, 1 store keeper who is also the book-keeper, and 1 marketing and promotion staff. The women work on flexible timeline and are given Rs5. Permask they make. Every individual is able to produce 70-80 masks daily and is able to earn approximately Rs400 daily.

It has produced 10,000 masks for servicing the order of UNDP. Also on demands of various other organisations, it has produced another 20,000 masks.


  • The masks are produced from solar operated machines and hence have minimum carbon footprint.
  • Could supply masks on mass scale
  • The centre has flexible timeline as per the needs of the women
  • Provided employment during lockdown and supported the whole family
  • The masks are made of high quality poplin cloth and hence is durable and can be washed and reused multiple times

Way Forward

Along with continued mask production, the centre aims to produce school dress, for health centres and aanganwadi centres in association with the government departments for Ranchi, Simdega, Gumla and Latehar districts.


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