Covid19 Jharkhand case studies

Name of the Interviewee: Fudu Devi
Age: 68
Gender: Female
Caste: Scheduled Caste
Religion: Hindu

Interviewed by: Anant Kumar Tanti
Address of the Interviewee: Dist.- Khunti Block- Torpa GP- Dorma Village- Dorma Manjhi Toli

A brief description about the Interviewee, her/his family, place of stay, means of income and economic activity.   Fudu devi is a widow living in Manjhi toli village of Dorma panchayat. She has 3 sons, all of them are married and live separately from their mother. Fudu devi lives alone with no support from her children. She works in a hotel and does cleaning work there to earn her living.  She gets 5 kgs of ration on her ration card and does not get any widow pension.

Describe the COVID-19 crisis and how it impacted your (Interviewee) life, your family and your community. [Give details of the impact of the crisis on the village/relief camp. Include data related to the crisis with respect to your district, block & village. [To be recorded in the words of the Interviewee]   Since the lockdown, all the economic activities have come to a halt. The hotel in which Fudu devi was working is also closed in this lockdown. No work is available as all the economic activities are shut. Now she does not have any means of income and whatever meagre amount she had as a saving has been spent arranging for her meals. Now she is dependent on the grace and favour of her neighbours for two square meals.  

How has LEADS supported you in coping with the situation & overcoming the negative impact of the COVID-19 crisis   Every day she was worried, how she would sustain the day if she could not arrange food. The support from LEADS has come as a great help for her. Her worries have ended and she thinks she can now sustain this lockdown period with the ration provided with the support of Oxfam. “Jo madad pariwar walon ko karna chahiye tha wo madad aaplogo ne ki hai………. Bhagwan aaplogon ko khus rakhe.

How did you use the relief material and what were its short term or/and long term impact? Provide 3-4 examples [In the words of the Interviewee]   1. I will repay the rice which I borrowed from neighbours. 2. I am alone and the ration is sufficient for me to sustain this lockdown. I think everything will become normal soon and markets will be open.  

Any other significant quote / information The support provided by the organisation is well taken and appreciated by the community members. Some community members are coming forward to help others.  

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