Jharkhand State Budget Group was formed on 6th March 2010 in a meeting where representatives of civil society organizations, academicians, representative of electronic and print media and other social activists in Ranchi, Jharkhand took part. Since then Jharkhand budget analysis has been initiated by Jharkahnd State Budget Group to address the needs of the poorest of the poor people in Jharkhand through proper allocation of fund in state budget and its appropriation for development. The main purpose of JSBG was to make state budget more transparent, outcome oriented participatory and marginalized people centric. JSBG acts as a common platform for the civil society organizations, academicians, other institutions, individuals can discuss and take up the relevant issues related to pro-people budget in Jharkhand which has not been so effective since formation of the state. Jharkhand State Budget Group is working with some departments in Jharkhand like, Education, Women & Child Development, Tribal Affairs, Health and Rural Development.


The established major achievements of the Budget work in Jharkhand can be stated as:

  • The considered demands or suggestions provided to the State Government during the preparation of the 2017-18 Budget which are the current financial year’s department wise as well as head wise budget details as allocation, expenditure, etc. are available in the website.
  • In the budget portal, scheme wise allocation, expenditure and utilization details are also available.
  • The fund allocations for education, technical education, agriculture, health, etc. have been increased.
  • Separate allocations for Gender Budget have been announced.
  • Separate allocation for the PVTGs (Primitively Vulnerable Tribal Groups) and special schemes like Umbrella and Dakiya schemes have been launched for them and emphasis was laid on the adaptation of local medicines to control the cost of increasing medicine market.