Integrated Livestock Development Centre (ILDC)

Integrated Livestock Development Centre (ILDC)

Integrated Livestock Development Centres are established at the village level. It covers 2-3 villages. The centre employs a trained PashuSakhi and works under the supervision of the community. ILDC is a village level, integrated management centre for animals where the trained Pashu-Shaki assists the villagers to treat their animals, disseminate information and ensure wellbeing of livestock.

Working Principle

  • Housing of animals, their nutrition, making traditional medicines training.
  • Animal’s fertilization, Nutrition, management of animals and related services so that business related to milk and meat and flourish and favourable environment can be created for the same.
  • Integrated Livestock Development Centre ensures cattle rearing and their integrated management. Awareness about seasonal disease associated with the animals like goats, hens, pigs, ducks and cattle is spread in the community.

Services for the Animals

This centre provides for complete solutions of food and nutrition, shelter and water management for animals. A Cattle Shed is received through MGNREGA to every needy household is ensured by this centre. To prevent skin related infection in goats, the centre prepares elevated platforms. Ensuring health of the animals and their immunisation is one of it’s important works. Arranging for camps for time to time immunisation is ensured by the centre which charges Rs5 per goat and Rs 10 per cattle for immunisation.

For purchasing cattle, both buyers and sellers directly associate with this centre. For selling cattle, specific dates are allocated for village centre. This is done at reasonable rates and charges of middle men are bypassed.

Integrated Livestock Development Centres keep regular connect with the block and para-veterinarians to ensure proper services for the animals.

With the assistance of LEADS till date 15 ILDCs have been established.

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