LEADS  facilitates and promotes various platforms which can be used as a familiar thread to bring people together to advocate and support each other in the fight to overcome their common issues. As an organisation, we need to develop a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging is what connects us to the many relationships we develop. LEADS through its various interventions, aims for Community wellbeing which can be seen as the combination of social, economic, environmental, cultural, and political conditions identified by individuals and their communities as essential for them to flourish and fulfill their potential.

Tools and Channel of Communication between LEADS and Community:

Training & Resource Center

LEADS has promoted a resource centre to develop human resources in rural set up at Perka Village of Murhu Block in Khunti District. The resource centre is situated in picturesque location and having various waterfalls surrounding it namely Panchghagh (10 Km), Rani Fall (10 Km), Hirni Fall (30 km), Dasam Fall (30 km), Perwaghagh (25 km) etc.

Facilities: LEADS resource centre has facility for residential training of more than 200 participants. Round the clock electricity, Internet Facility, Drop and Pick up facility from Khunti / Ranchi on paid basis, LCD, Well equipped Trg hall of various capacity etc. are available.

Who has Organised Training: JSLPS-GoJ, Social Audit Unit- GoJ, Andheri Hilfe Bonn, Trickle Up Kolkata, LEADS various Prog, KGVK, SPWD etc.

What Can Be Organised: Training, Exposure, Immersion, Countryside Trip, Retreat, Rural learning, Social and cultural  etc.

How to Reach: Neel Factory is situated on Khunti Murhu Raod at the Distance of 7 Km. Take the Perka Road along with Boundary of Neel Factory. LEADS Resource Centre is at the distance of 1 Km from Neel Factory.

Contact Details: Mr. Ranjit Bhengra can be contacted for Booking for Trg and Exposure. Mobile No is :7903734911, What’s App No:  9570722316 and Email ID is : leadsindiajh@gmail.com

Countryside Exposure Visit

Demonstration Plot: LEADS has promoted organic farming and various plants, Agricultural practices inside the campus which have been practically shown and also related  museum to show processes of organic farming, solar energy model and other models.

Development Models: LEADS has promoted various models of Birsa Munda Mango Orchard with intercropping, Annapurna Model, 36 x 36 Model for small and marginal farmers, Tamarind value chain, Ragi value chain, Swachha Urja Gram, Model Anganwadi, Model Schools having compliance of RTE Act 2009 and many more in its vicinity for exposure of Govt and Non Govt people for learning and replicating in other locations.

Community tools and services promoted by LEADS

Rural Service Centers are established at Mahuadanr & Murhu Block of Latehar & Khunti districts.

Rural Service Centre (RSC) act as processing center for scented rice & tamarind. The Tamarind Processing unit at RSC is responsible to produce tamarind brick, de-seed tamarind and seed as per the market demand and need. Tamarind value addition machine is provided to selected cluster and at the same time four days training program is also designed, where hand holding and demonstration of de-seeding of tamarind, de-fiber of tamarind and tamarind brick is executed. This training focus on operation of the machine.

Similarly, the scented rice processing unit is also helping the producer groups in profit generation. The groups are trained to operate the machine installed for processing of rice. For availing the training, Mr. Ranjit Bhengra can be contacted for further details of services available.

Mobile No:7903734911

What’s App No: 9570722316

 Email ID is : leadsindiajh@gmail.com

LEADS aims to be in contact with the community it works with. Various drives and campaigns are organised at grassroot level for direct participation of the community. Some other Communication tools used to connect with the community include the blend of contemporary and traditional media forms, such as Information fare, Health camps, Folk media, Street plays, Chaupal