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Convergence under MGNREGA – CFT and Its Impacts

The intervention area of the project is Bandgaon block of West Singhbhum, Murhu block of Khunti, & Mahuadanr block of Latehar districts. The project aims for capacity building to community about MGNREGA as well as to improve income on farm land through its 100 days employment through MGNREGA. Also, it emphasizes on asset creation for sustainable livelihood & Water Conservation and Natural Recourse Management. The referral groups include Labour Groups, SHG groups and SHG Women Federation,   MGNREGA Help Line Centre, Barefoot Engineer, Selection Village Resource Person, Selection of SHG Mate, Block Co-ordination Committee, District Coordination Committee and so on. The project is supported by Ministry of Rural Development Department (MoRD).  

LEADS has facilitated the farmers to get benefitted through convergence with various departments. Some of our achievements in the three intervention blocks altogether include:

  • 85 farmers have received Pump set with Pipe from Soil and Conservation Department
  • 23 farmers have received Fish fingerlings( Zira) from District Fisheries Department
  • 9520 mango plants and 8160 timber plants have been provided from Department of Forest, GoJ and District Forest Department respectively
  • 4000 numbers of Geranium plant saplings were provided by JSLPS to three beneficiaries
  • 40 farmers have received plastic sheet for water harvesting (Jalkund) through convergence with Block Administration
  • 85 beneficiaries have received groundnut seeds from Block Administration
  • District Agriculture Department has given Rota Biter Hul and Lift Irrigation Machine to one beneficiary each
  • 36 beneficiaries have been given 2 Kg each of gram, green gram and 1 Kg of soybean seeds by Block Administration
  • Also, 89 beneficiaries received cows and 35 beneficiaries received goats from District Animal Husbandry Department under this intervention

In one of our intervention blocks- Mahuandanr, with overall investment of INR 89,700 in various cash crops, total benefit for farmers was as high as INR 4,07,200 in total

Community and Individual Assets Creation


  • 1210 goat shed, 548 cow shed and 873 poultry shed had been established under this intervention for individual families
  • LEADS has guided the farmers to did 616 vermi-compost pits to enhance the fertility output of the farm land & 2785 Dobha (farm ponds) have been built for individual farmers to address the irrigation need
  • 51 beneficiaries land have been sanctioned for land leveling work under MGNREGA
  • 85 beneficiary have done Mango plantation on 93 Acres of land
  • LEADS has facilitated community assets creation such as 429 irrigation ponds, 174 wells and 51 Check dam have been constructed under Income Generation Activities (IGA)

Under MKSP

LEADS is implementing Mahila Kisan Sashktikaran Pariyojana (a sub component of the National Rural Livelihood Mission , NRLM) in 75 villages (25 villages in each Block) of 3 Blocks namely Mahuadanr of Latehar District, Murhu Block of Khunti District and Bandgaon Block of West Singhbhum District since April 2014. The achievement in terms of assetization can be summed up as:

  • Asset of 280 Physical Assets Cultivator, 290 Mini Spryer,70  Marker, 260 Weeder,  10000 Nursery Tray, 1500 Metres Anti vector net created through leverage funds
  • 75 Annapurna crop models have been established
  • 1300 nutrition garden have been established
  • 15 Integrated Live Stock Development Centre (ILDC) has been established

Overall Convergence: Impact 

Strengthening of Panchayat

  • 60% women participation Increased in gram sabha meetings and selection/ implementation of scheme
  • Panchayat system for proper implementation of MGNREGA schemes established in 28 Panchayats out of 43. These Panchayats are now empowered and 7 types of register are maintained, demand generation, Renewal/New Job Card are done, complain are captured and resolved at panchayat level, regular rojgar diwas are observed, Panchayat coordination committee meeting and reviewing ongoing schemes is done regularly
  • 1060 Mahila mate were trained on MGNREGA and its technical aspects for proper implementation of schemes.  743 Mate deployed in NREGA schemes and they are providing services such as timely payment, facilities availability on work place and quality work implementation to MGNREGA laborers

Demand Generation and Income Generation Activities

  • Unemployment allowances were demanded by labour groups when they were not given work under MGNREGA. Finally 25 labours recived INR 99,9,96 in Bandgaon block and INR 11,214 in Murhu block as unemployment allowance. This money received by the labours were invested in income generation activities like goatary & piggery
  • Fisheries activity is being done in 1245 Dobhas. Total 2500 kg fish fingerlings of Zira given to beneficiary though convergence with Fisheries department.
  • Total 85 Pump set given to plantation beneficiary through convergence with soil conservation department
  • 0ver 90 acres of land utilized in mango plantation by  beneficiaries and user groups formed for maintaining mango plantation activities
  • Intercropping of vegetable cultivation (potato, tomato, beans, chilli, brinjal, mustard, pulses etc) is being done in mango plantation area through convergence with others line departments. This activity has immensely contributed towards enhancing the annual income of the farmers
  • 2850 HH are practicing Sustainable Agriculture Practices such as Integrated Nutrition Management, Natural Pest Management method
  • Average net Income of the Family increased from INR 18500  to INR 28000
  • 1680 households (Female Farmers) were linked with different schemes like Cow shed, Poultry shed, Goatry shed, Land leveling, Pond, Well construction Toilet, Indira Awas Yojna etc under MGNREGA.
  • 75 Annapurna crop models (50 decimal land crop model) have been established where farmers get vegetable, cereals, pulses fruits through the year in same piece of land
  • 1300 nutrition garden established by women farmers in their house homestead land
  • 15 Integrated Live Stock Development Centre (ILDC) has been established where animal health services are provided to farmers by well-trained Para Professional (Pashu Sakhi). 
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