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Livelihood Security

Poverty in India is one of the major factors hindering the development of the country. The foremost cause responsible for poverty is lack of employment oppertunities as per qualification and skills set of the people. About 70% of the population are involved with the work of agriculture but due to lack of new technologies and proper support the rate of productivity is less in addition to that presence of different corrupted mediators in the selling process they hardly get to recover the amount invested.

Jharkhand has a high tribal population hence, agriculture is their major source of income . Use of traditional and obsolete technology tends to delay their progress. Therefore, LEADS,like many other organizations are working towards development and up-gradation of agriculture, bring up new prospect of employability and engage people with some source of income generation activities.

MGNREGA-NRLM Convergence CFT Strategy

The programme is an initiative of Central and State Government for 78 aspirational blocks of Jharkhand and focuses to ensure 100 days job to people every year in rural areas to support them and decrease the rate of migration. LEADS is working in 3 Blocks out of 78 aspirational block i.e. Murhu, Bandgaon and Mahuadanr in Khunti, West Singbhum and Latehar District respectively. The programme mainly aims at awareness creation of all schemes and work demand generation. The few process involved in the execution of the programme are identification and planning for works that converge with the livelihood plans; worksite execution and measurement; ensuring payment of wages to MGNREGA workers done through a revolving fund; making provision of capacity building and training for all stakeholders involved including PRIs and lastly community monitoring.

Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojna (MKSP)

To improve the present status of women in Agriculture and to enhance the opportunities for their empowerment, Government of India has announced “Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana” (MKSP) as a sub component of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM). LEADS is implementing Mahila Kisan Sashktikaran Pariyojana in 75 villages (25 villages in each Block) of 3 Blocks namely Mahuadanr of Latehar District, Murhu Block of Khunti District and Bandgaon Block of West Singhbhum District since April 2014. The project aims to create and promote sustainable agriculture based livelihood opportunities to 3030 women farmers in project villages with their incremental income of Rs 25000/- per year. Strengthening of 250 SHGs, promotion of 130 Producer Groups, 3 block level federation, promoting 80 best practicing women farmers as Community Resource Person, promotion of 20 Para Professionals for Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, forestry, NRM to facilitate the whole process are the key components of the project.

LEADS has promoted processing unit of Jeera Phool Scented Rice under the ownership of local community supported by JSLPS. The processing unit is established at the Village service Center at Mahuadanr in Latehar district. This year target is 40 tons rice to be processed

LEADS has facilitated the establishment of a Tamarind Brick Processing and Packaging Unit in Mahuadanr of Latehar district. Tamarind brick are produced by producer group and sold in different market places . The women have gained recognition and a sustainable source of income through this intervention.

Empowering Tribal / Marginalized Community for Entitlements Realization and Food Security in Referral Areas

Supported by ANDHERI, the project is helping to strengthen community based organization (50 SHGs and 12 Gram Sabhas) in 12 villages in Murhu Block of Khunti district sice 2010. The project successfully completed 8 years and convergence many schemes to community and now they are able to raise their voice for rights and entitlement.

Now ANDHERI is also supporting to another field in 20 villages of 2 Gram Panchayats called Tebo and Champawa of Bandgoan block of West Singhbhum district. The nature of project is same like regularization of Gram Sabha and their standing committee, SHG financial inclusion, empowering PRI members of the area,  to further reinforce and strengthen social leaders and build their capacity on Human Rights / Fundamental Rights, women and child rights, NREGA, PRIs, government schemes, structure and function of Block and linkages opportunities for rural youths, etc.

Rural Empowerment for Entitlement Realisation (REER)

The programme “Rural Empowerment and Entitlement Realisation (REER)” is operating in 10 villages each of respective five Districts, namely Latehar, Lohardaga, Simdega, West Singhbhum and Saraikela in Jharkhand. Total 50 villages have been covering in 5 districts to develop a model on holistic development of marginalised group with better advocacy inputs in the State. The programme constitutes an integrated approach to all issues prevalent in the community and aims at linking the community i.e. the SMC members, Gram Sabha along with standing committee , SHG members,Model Farmers  (50 Male & 50 Female) etc. with the Government schemes through different motivating and awareness generation activities. Through this project social leaders are also encouraged from among the community to sustain the chain of delivery mechanism in the community.

Community Engagement for Sustainable Livelihoods and Financial Inclusion of the Ultra Poor

This project aims to support the most vulnerable populations to create a sustainable pathway out of extreme poverty through Livelihood Development programme and the Graduation Approach. This project is being implemented by LEADS supported by Trickle Up, Kolkata in 3 Blocks (namely, Mandu, Dadi and Churchu) in Ramgarh and Hazaribag District of Jharkhand. Through this project 1000 ultra poor women and 3000 poor women will be benefited and provided with sustainable livelihood options.

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