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Community Radio is operational in Torpa block of Khunti. Regular running of Community Radio episode in the intervention area making a concrete path of motivation as felt during the meeting of Community Radio in the village naming Chakla. There was episode running on “Right to Education Act 2009” and total thirty five women and men were listening episode very eagerly. In that group some School Management Committee Members were also participating. Some of the members asking question during running of episode. 

Observation – After finishing of episode it was observed that every person curiously looking each other and there was a question on the lips of every participants. Asking about the episode every person said that episode prepared very well and spreading   message in favour of educating all children of our country. They also added that there is Government school in our village. We send our children to school on time. There are two teachers in this school. We have SMC meeting every month but still there is some problems in this school.  They added that teachers do not open school on time and they also not teach children properly. In the school time some student roams outside the school and teachers did not care about it. All participants were supported that these are the problems we are facing in our school.

Towards decision – After discussion on these issues all members took following decision –

  • Three members of School Management Committee will check opening of school on time.
  • Three members of School Management Committee will check regular teaching of students.
  • Some members taken responsibility to monitor the quality of MDM and its distribution to each and every student equally.

 Every member gave their approval to perform their responsibility to monitor all things on regular basis.

Impact – Running of Episode impacted School Management Committee towards taking decision and also strengthens them to take responsibility for quality education for their children. 

Learning – Every participant get oriented how to work together, plan according to work also  distribution of responsibilities.

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