Temporary bamboo fencing done with SMC and community contribution:

Bangurkel village comes under Sinduribera Panchayat of Bandgaon block. Since the intervention of LEADS under ILP supported project the awareness of SMC members as well as community towards education has improved a lot. The teachers are also very supportive and both the SMC and teachers are working in coordination with each other.

The school does not have a boundary wall and due to absence of boundary wall, the students tend to skip outside the school during class timings. Ensuring the regularity of students was an issue with the teachers and it was a regular agenda of discussion in the SMC-parents meetings. The SMC and teachers have demanded for boundary wall from the department but it was not sanctioned. So as a remedial arrangement, the SMC members and teachers had decided to do temporary fencing using bamboo and bushes. The bamboo was donated from the community and the fencing work was done with community contribution. The effort has resulted in improved retention of students in the school.


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