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Lilmuni Murmu,35, lives with her husband and one child, whose age is 3 years. Pre inception of Trickle Up’s program, both husband and wife depended on labour wage work.

They had some scattered agricultural land but it was not very productivity because of ignorance and less knowledge on farming. After receiving common training, Lilmuni was provided individual support where she started with a small nutrition garden, having 4-5 vegetables. These vegetables saved her weekly expense of 300/-, which was spent on the purchase of vegetable. Receiving success in this, aspired her to take up corn, potato and maize cultivation.

Result of training:-

1. The aspiration to take up different agri. based activities.

2. Deduction in the expense of the purchase of vegetable.

3. Organically grown vegetables ensure high nutritious value

4. An example for the community

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