Integrated Livestock Development Centre (ILDC)

ILDC is established at village level covering two to three villages and is run by community itself.  Trainings of housing, food management, preparing herbal medicine etc are held in room and vaccination camp in backyard. It provides integrated services in breeding, feeding and animal management, in order to create an appropriate economic and production environment to the dairy holders who have very poor access to the existing services.  LEADS  is having more than 15 Integrated Livestock Development Centre (ILDC) across its intervention areas where communities are getting direct benefits from it. More than 80 Para Professionals who are trained in de-worming and vaccination, are taking care of the livestock health. They provide para-vet service to communities along with Animal Husbandry doctors of block or district.

The purpose of establishment of ILDC is :

  • The community is now aware about viral disease that comes seasonally in goatary, back yard poultry, piggery, duck farming or cattle.
  • LEADS has trained them with some basic herbal medicines which can be used in villages
  • They know how to follow the calendar of vaccination and de-worming.
  • They are made aware about importance of proper food and shelter management and availability of clean water to their animals
  • Community has become aware about viral diseases where they are using herbal medicine and saving money as well as animals from disease and reducing expense of buying cosmetic medicine.
  • Better communication with block level para vet Doctors and timely para vet services to livestock.  
  • Mobilized goatary shed, poultry shed, cattle shed from MGNREGA scheme which is available now in villages
  • Prepared Machan system for goatary in its shed to prevent from viral diseases related to skin, FMD (foot and mouth disease)
  • Promotion of livestock rearing for the sources of income generation
  • Vendor is directly connected to this centre for procurement
  • This centre advices health related concerns and vaccination of livestock
  • Vaccination camp is held in ILDC seasonally where vaccination can be done at very cost effective rate of INR 5 per goat and INR 10 per cattle
  • Villagers bring their livestock in the centre on specific date for selling on fair price.

No role of middle men in the whole affair ensures better profit to the villagers as they take major chunk of money from the villagers in the process of selling and purchase

Piggery Promotion

LEADS has Piggery model of herd size of 5. The input cost is around INR 7000, output of old piglets in six months is approx INR 28000. This way one farmer can get net income around INR 21000. LEADS is working with 1800 beneficiaries across its livelihood intervention areas. Farmer’s initially starts with 5 piglets in this business. LEADS provides proper guidance to build their house with fenced surrounding for the livestock secured movements. LEADS ensure that the farmers are aware about importance of availability of proper food for piggery, a space to move and timely vaccination.

All of these results in better growth of pigs. Farmers investments mostly is in Piglet, its feed, vaccination and transportation which costs around INR 7000. Farmers receive 13 piglets in forthcoming year. We have cases like one farmer sells 3 big size pigs and 5 piglets of six months old with a net income of around Rs. 21000 in 18 months. LEADS has also trained more than 30 Community Resource Persons (CRPs) for providing services to communities.

Goatery Machan Promotion

LEADS has adopted Goatary model herd size of 5.  The input cost is INR 10350 and output is approx INR 30000. The net income of one farmer is around Rs.19650. LEADS is working with 2411 beneficiaries in its intervention areas.  We promote farmers with 5 goat kid in initial stage. The farmers provides all kind of services like timely vaccination and de-worming, and at times also make herbal medicine for miner diseases like FMD, Skin disease, Gas in stomach etc. Finally those 5 goats are grown up within one year. Farmers receive 10 goat kid in next year. In the mid of next year one farmer can sell 5 goats and earn INR 30000. LEADS ensures that proper care is available in goat rearing like house management with proper machan system, making fodder stand, clean drinking water in water tab, avoiding free grazing etc. The activity helps farmers in getting more income, thereby providing better nutrition and education to their children. LEADS has trained more than 25 Para Professionals for vaccination and de-worming at village level.  This is a successful and effective model which provides a platform for revenue generation.

Poultry Promotion

LEADS has Poultry model of herd size of 10 (8+2). We are working with 2073 beneficiaries across our intervention areas. We promote back yard poultry rearing with 10 herd size. The input cost is around INR 800. Farmers use broken rice as supplementary feeding and Azolla for its better growth. If one farmer sells 8 numbers of half kg size poultry, 5 one kg size poultry , then after one year they can sell them in around  INR 7400. So, the farmer’s net income is around INR 6600. It was quite encouraging for farmers to scale up poultry rearing and also a motivating factor for other community members to adopt poultry rearing for income generation. LEADS  has trained more than 30 Community Resource Persons (CRP) from within the community who provide service to community with nominal charges of INR 2 per poultry for vaccine. This model provides a profitable and sustainable livelihood option for the community.


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