Being the second citizen, women around the world as well as in Jharkhand are denied of their aspirations and rights. Women have still got a backfoot in every sector of the development. Though some women from the urban areas have succeded to make their presence count but the rest are still struggling to find their deserved place. In Jharkhnad at present a larger percentage of women of Jharkhand belong to the tribal community residing in remote rural pockets where the intensity of insurgency is high.

Therefore, LEADS realised the necessity to develop the women population of the State to contribute to the holistic development of Jharkhand. Hence, LEADS initiated different projects in collaboration with other like minded organizations on empowerment, livelihood generation, developing life skills and awareness generation for underpriviledged and backward women from the rural sections to help them grow and strenghten so that they can fight and win their position in the society.

Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojna (MKSP)

To improve the present status of women in Agriculture and to enhance the opportunities for their empowerment, Government of India has announced “Mahila Kisan Sashaktikaran Pariyojana” (MKSP) as a sub component of the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM). LEADS is implementing Mahila Kisan Sashktikaran Pariyojana in 75 villages (25 villages in each Block) of 3 Blocks namely Mahuadanr of Latehar District, Murhu Block of Khunti District and Bandgaon Block of West Singhbhum District since April 2014. The project aims to create and promote sustainable agriculture based livelihood opportunities to 3030 women farmers in project villages with their incremental income of Rs 25000/- per year. Strengthening of 250 SHGs, promotion of 130 Producer Groups, 3 block level federation, promoting 80 best practicing women farmers as Community Resource Person, promotion of 20 Para Professionals for Agriculture, Animal Husbandry, forestry, NRM to facilitate the whole process are the key components of the project.

Community Engagement for Sustainable Livelihoods and Financial Inclusion of the Ultra Poor

This project aims to support the most vulnerable populations to create a sustainable pathway out of extreme poverty through livelihood development programme through the Graduation Approach. This project is being implemented by LEADS holding hand of Trickle Up in 3 Blocks (namely, Mandu, Churchu and Dadi) in Ramgarh and Hazaribag District of Jharkhand. Through this project 1000 ultra poor women and 3000 poor women will be identified and provided with sustainable livelihood options.

Status of 2015-16:

Name of the Project Donor Intervention Area Number of Beneficiaries Covered Theme of the Project Achievement
MKSP NRLM-JSLPS, Govt. of India and Govt. of Jharkhand Murhu Block in Khunti District,Bandgaon Block in West Singhbhum District and Mahuadanr Block in Latehar District. 1825 Household Livelihood, Women Empowerment,Biodiversity Promoted 269 SHGs out of which 182 SHGs are following Panchshutra.
80 CRPs and 20 Para Professionals were promoted through various training and exposure with practical demonstration in their field.
17 producer groups, 9 village organisations and 2 Block federations were promoted.
121 SHG got revolving fund of NRLM.
1825 HH are applying INM/NPM method and 678 households are fully practicing INM/NPM technology as per prototype.
Physical Assets Cultivator- 80, Mini Spryer- 90, Marker-10, Weeder- 60, Nursery Tray- 1000, Antivector net- 500 mtr Created through leverage funds.Average net Income of the Family increased from Rs 8500/- to Rs. 18000/-
680 households (Mahila Kisan) were linked with different schemes like Cow shed, Poultry shed, Goatry shed, Land levelling, Pond, Well construction Toilet, Indira Awas Yojna, etc. under MGNREGA.
Sustainable Livelihoods and Financial Inclusion of the Ultra Poor Trickle Up Mandu Block of Ramgarh District & Churchu and Dadi Blocks of Hazaribag District 1000 women Livelihood, Women Empowerment 1000 ultra poor women have been identified