Life Education and Development Support (LEADS) is a trust, established by a committed group of professionals on 14 December 2005, for the development and empowerment of poor and unorganized people of rural area and urban slums in Jharkhand and adjacent states like Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Odisha. LEADS has all the legal registrations (including FCRA) required to run the organisation. LEADS was established with the purpose to create some developmental models by unfolding human potentials, which is the core element of sustainability and replicate such models with the support of Govt. and other developmental organizations. To cater the needs of the people, we collectively decided to have the following core values of LEADS, in its organizational management and developmental interventions:

  • Participation of community in LEADS PME process
  • Gender Equity at all levels: Community to Organization
  • Justice in its management and developmental operation
  • Environment friendly development intervention at all levels
  • Honour and Promotion of Child Rights/Protection of Child Rights

Since its inception, LEADS has planned to intervene at five different levels: 1) Intervention at community level, 2) Networking of likeminded organizations on various issues like Education, Livelihood, Governance, Budget analysis / tracking etc., 3) Issue based lobby and advocacy at Community, District, State and National level, 4) Research and Publication to generate evidences for pro-people policy advocacy, 5) Support, Promotion and consultancy support to other development actors. The organization is committed towards realizing the following Ideology, Vision and Mission in its course of journey.

Core Guiding Principle:

  • Participatory Decision Making is practiced from Community to Organizational Level
  • Decentralized structure for enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of the programme
  • Promotion of Leadership both at community and organizational level to ensure sustainability
  • Team work within the organization with specific roles and responsibility.


“LEADS aspire for a society in which every individual has capacity and authority to take decision for her/him and thereby the members of the society will have freedom to live a dignified life collectively. Values like mutual respect and cooperation, participation, trust and brotherhood, gender equity, peace and justice will prevail and be practiced in the society. Environment will be free from all sorts of pollution.”


Life Education and Development Support (LEADS) is a non-profit making and secular trust, committed for the development of poor and marginalized people of Jharkhand, emphasizing on the Schedule Castes, Schedule Tribes, Women and Children, by strengthening community based organizations directly and through networking.
LEADS believes in people’s knowledge, skills and experience. LEADS is committed to give strategic thrust on the issues like; Empowering Tribal Community, Providing Life Education to Children and Adolescent, Women Empowerment, Livelihood Support to Poor and Marginalized, Elimination of Child/Bonded Labour, Natural Resource Promotion, Technical Skill, Up-gradation for Employment Generation, Health, etc. to bring appropriate and dignified changes in the life of the poor and marginalized people of the society. Rights based intervention through participatory approach will be the core commitment of LEADS.

General Objectives:

  • To build the collective confidence of the poor and marginalized communities through building/promoting their organization at community/cluster level.
  • To create awareness among the referral communities with regard to various issues like Child Rights, RTE Act 2009, Women Rights, Tribal Rights, Government Schemes, Livelihood options, MGNREGA, RTI Act, Roles and Responsibility of PRIs and Gram Sabha etc. to boost their confidence and better convergence.
  • To link the community after building their capacity, for employment and income generation through various appropriate trades/institutions.
  • To build the capacity of grassroots organizations and support them in their development endeavour for policy advocacy at the state level on State Budget, Education, Livelihood/Food security etc.
  • To conduct study for enhancing the quality of developmental interventions.
  • To provide consultancy services to various resource organization, CSO for the ease of their operations.
  • To make thematic linkages with national and international advocacy initiatives on MDGs / SDGs
  • To provide consultancy services to various resource organizations, CSOs for ease of their operation

Our Referral People:

Poorest of the poor, vulnerable groups like Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Caste, Other Backward Caste, Women and Children, Mentally and physically challenged people, Child and Bonded Labour, Farmers, Youths, etc.